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Mull is actually a word used for the cloth that is pasted to cover the tapes and the signatures after sewing is done. The main purpose of the mull is to assemble all the signatures together while ensuring that the backbone of the book remains flexible.
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Mull is another option for reinforcement of book block. It is made of 100% cotton and then starched or laminated with paper depending on the kind of the mull.
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Entered into the National Court Register kept by the District Court in Lodz, KRS 0000974565. Share capital paid in full PLN 30000.




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We deal with a production of a spine board, creppe paper, a headband carrier in meaning of confcection for bookbinding needs. Thanks to this we are the supplier for printing houses and are able to react immediately for the customers needs. We also offer a service for slitting of paper and board for other companies. Max diameter of roll served by our machine is 100 cm and the max new-roll diameter is 60 cm. During the process of paper slitting we have a possibility of marking the roll of paper with a line. If you are interrested in cooperation with us do not hesitate do contact with us. Short terms and honesty are our main advantages.

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E-mail:   biuro@jdrtechnik.pl

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30 May 2018
"Dear Customers,we wish to inform you that on the 1st of June we celebrate together with our children. The office and production will be closed. We will take caare for
23 May 2018
We treat with a great care the safety rules and your privacy. Therefore under this link you will find a collection of the most important information about the rules that
07 May 2018
This is really hard to predict who is the customer of our customers. Sometimes we can handle it, but what to do with all new customers? We head this new
12 April 2018
We managed to end the phase of starting and implementing into the production of slitting machine. We manufacture a bookbinding spine board for our own use, crepp paper and headband




Rafal Bembnowski


"Related to this trade since 1994, beginning to learn in proffesion of bookbinder. Whole my career is connected with this trade. 18 years of experience in sales of bookbinding materials. Today there are no things that would surprise me - but there is a confirmation that human learn for whole life. This is a difficult proffesion and requires to have an open mind, fresh ideas and engagement. Every project needs an individual approach."

Natalia Kahler-Wróbel


"Since 2005 I sale these grateful products which are cover materials, headbands and ribbons. The beginnings were difficult but I achieved my professional success thanks to this unique occupational group that are bookbinders. Calm and forgiving artists using in their language many foreign words. Since I know them it's much easier to get around in this trade."


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The organisation of our company and cooperation with renowned freighters enables us to deliver our products all over the Europe and the USA. There are no borders for us. We will take care for all formalities for you. You just have to trust us.

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We specialize in production and sales of bookbinding materials. In our offer you will find many interesting products starting from bookbinding cover materials and ending on ribbons. We are not only sellers. We are experienced in bookbinding because this is both our proffesion and passion. We like what we do and that is why we have familiar language with our customers. We learn and develop together. We introduce you to know our offer.

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