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For bookbinding enthusiasts, hobbyists and amateur scrapbooking enthusiasts, we have created a second distribution channel for our materials. We invite you to our shop with bookbinding materials




We also try to be active on social media. You can find us on Facebook and our daily topics. Facebook is our activity in the world of bookbinding materials.





The world is changing and JDR Technik with it. The written word expresses little in the case of bookbinding materials. We decided to launch this channel to present videos of our bookbinding covering materials.



Wikitex LEN 24 - new bookbinding canvas.

The bookbinding cloth LEN 24 that imitates the natural Linen is made of polycotton. Extraordinary and paperbased. Does not require to be pre-repared for work. It's highly homogenous, durable and dimensionally stable. What's more the finished cloth LEN 24 does not absorb dust what is the important advantage. The ready covers made of finished cloth LEN 24 can be decorated by gold and color hot-stamping or screen-printing. The most important ascpect is the price! 4.12 EUR when order a full roll (68.5 sqm, roll width - 137 cm). When buy single meters the additional fee 15% is added. All colors available


02 July 2024
covers faced with covering materials.
You can purchase covering materials and bookbinding linen in our shop. We are a supplier of bookbinding materials
New linen binding in 8 different natural colours. Next to the scarecrow wearing a linen shirt reminiscent of bookbinding linen.
JDR Technik is a company that produces and sells bookbinding materials. In our offer you will find all materials for hardcover bookbinding.
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