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The company was established in 2014. We specialize in production and selling polygraphic materials, especially wide range of bookbinding materials. The pillar of our company is a high specialized personnel from polygraphic branch and textile branch with a long-years experience. Using this knowledge we build our offer on proven products with a good quality keeping at the same time accessible prices. The JDR Technik products are adapted to the needs of modern bookbindery. Our products find appreciation in common use on the most modern machine park in domestic and abroad printing houses. Following the changes and expectations of customers, like shorter time to adapt the machine, smaller editions, higher productivity, our products also have to undergo this metamorphosis. It meets the highest market standards. Constructing our offer we haven’t forgotten about classical bookbindery, the producers of photo albums and stationery. For these groups of customers we have a selected products that are made to be used manually and semi-automaticaly. We are connected with a capital with company Lagertechnik s.c. that works on bearings market. It’s our administrational and logistic event.


Using our experience in branch and support from our sister—company JDR Technik is a company that mainly cares for fast and professional service of our customers.



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